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Te dejamos los mejores artículos científicos respecto al impacto de los felinos domésticos sobre la vida silvestre. Descarga, lee y comparte. 

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Descarga de artículos

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  2. Review of feral cat eradications on islands (2011)
  3. Reply to Crawford et al._ Why Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) Is an Ethical Solution for Stray Cat Management (2019)
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  6. Predation on endangered species by human-subsidized domestic cats on Tokunoshima Island (2019)
  7. Predation of wildlife by domestic cats Felis catus in Great Britain (2003)
  8. Predation cats in different countries
  9. Perceptions of Veterinarians in British Columbia of Cat Management Strategies to Reduce Cat Overpopulation and Impacts on Wildlife Populations (2019)
  10. Perceptions of Responsible Cat Ownership Behaviors among a Convenience Sample of Australians (2019)
  11. Our Wild Companions_ Domestic cats in the Anthropocene (2020)
  12. Managing Feral Cats on a University_s Campuses_ How Many Are There and Is Sterilization Having an Effect_ (2011)
  13. License to Kill_ Domestic Cats Affect a Wide Range of Native Fauna in a Highly Biodiverse Mediterranean Country (2019)
  15. ISFM Guidelines on Population Management and Welfare of Unowned Domestic Cats (Felis catus) (2013)
  16. ISFM Free-roaming, abandoned and feral cats (2013)
  17. Introduced cats (Felis catus) eating a continental fauna_ inventory and traits of Australian mammal species killed (2019)
  18. Interacciones entre fauna silvestre y comunidades humanas en Chile_ daños causados por animales silvestres, conductas hacia la fauna y conflictos entre humanos (2019)
  19. Individual hunting behaviour and prey specialisation in the house cat Felis catus_ Implications for conservation and management (2014)
  20. Identification of the population source of free-ranging cats threatening endemic species on Tokunoshima Island, Japan (2020)
  21. ICAM-Humane cat population
  22. Hunting behaviour in domestic cats_ An exploratory study of risk and responsibility among cat owners (2018)
  23. Human-Related Factors Regulate the Spatial Ecology of Domestic Cats in Sensitive Areas for Conservation (2011)
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  29. Feral Cats Are Better Killers in Open Habitats, Revealed by Animal-Borne Video (2015)
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  33. Fearing the feline. domestic cats reduce avianfecundity through trait-mediated indirect effects thatincrease nest predation by other species
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